General Questions :)

Hello Ardupilot universe :slight_smile:

am new to this universe , am looking forwarding build such a big plane like ADS-90 or maybe smaller :smiley:
but do that i must train on smaller ones :slight_smile:
so am asking if an autopilot like APM 2.6 mega could work great for large UAV like that one ?

another thing i don’t know how to do it , if i got a plan with twin - rudder like ADS-90 , how i can connect that to the APM there is only 1 slot for rudder ?
or i will connect it to another one and change the configuration of this port ? and how to do that ! :slight_smile:

i know am talkative , am sorry but am really interested on this project :wink: :geek:

any help ?

Theoretically the APM should be fine, I’ve used it in a 1400mm Cessna without problems.
Twin rudder will connect the same way as it does to the stock receiver setup, most likely through a Y cable.

thanks for your replay :slight_smile:

about the twin rudder , am not going to use receiver , it will be AUTONOMOUS , using GPS Navigation

so the servos will be connected to the APM directly ! so in this situation what shall i do ?
is there a way to change function of slot of outputs to be a second rudder ?

Please don’t do this. Get some expert help. Learn to fly. Don’t build a plane without an RC receiver. This is unsafe and irresponsible. Autonomous flight does not always work and you must know how to take control of the aircraft to prevent a crash or flyaway.
If you intend both rudders to always move in unison, then simply plug them into the same output on the flight controller using a y-connector.
I don’t think you will be getting many responses here because you are scaring us with your unreasonable goals together will lack of understanding or experience.

As Iskess has said, without having an RC transmitter able to override the auto pilot you are asking for trouble.
You can’t do any ground checks before flights, if another flying object is on collision course with you you have no easy way of adjusting your flight path, if you have a GPS glitch mid-flight or brown out on the flight controller you have a very heavy object travelling at very high speed with absolutely no control.

I fly my cessna on auto missions, but never without a receiver and I never use an auto mode without flying manually first to make sure the airframe is in good order.

What you’re proposing sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

ardupilot code structure
can you give/send/write a flow chart of ardupilot code like where it starts and ends, i just downloaded the ardupilot source from github and im trying to understand it.
if anyone has gone through full code structure/framework please send the flow of the ardupilot(ardicopter…any eg.) code.