GCS that'll work on a ChromeBook

I want to look at a cheap option for a GCS machine. Are there any GCS options that’ll install and work on a Chromebook laptop? This seems like the perfect platform for a GCS. they are small portable and powerful and seem like they’d make a good GCS option. Has anyone talked about this before?

I think some android compatible GCS will work, like Tower or QGroundControl. But I have not tried it myself.

Maybe this will help:


I’d be interested to know how QGroundControl works on a chromebook. I changed the manifest so that chromebooks could install it through the play store, but don’t have a chromebook to test it myself.

never understood chromebooks
they are a great cloud device, but not really worth much else

Thanks I don’t have a Chromebook either

They work without internet. And they can attach to a WiFi connected
device…seems like the right capabilities for a. Low price. :slight_smile:

@pyrate you have to think of simplicity as an extremely valuable feature for many people. As a software developer that’s spent many years fixing other peoples computers I can tell you I love Chromebooks for my relatives, but don’t personally own one.

they are great if everything you need is in the cloud.
I always found it odd the relationship between Android and Chrome OS
seems google is really terrible at fragmentation, even amongst their own systems
they should have merged a long time ago

They’re working on it. Look up Fuscia OS
They’ve already crrated their new SDK which is fully cross platform for Android, chrome and iOS. The theory is that if devs start using that new SDK all those apps will already be ready for Fuscia OS