Gcs:send_text not on HUD

Hi, I’m new to lua & MP. I have a script that performs gcs:sent_text every 1 second. When I run the sim, I see the text every second, as expected, in the Messages tab in MP. I also see it for a few seconds in the middle of the HUD when the sim boots up, but then it’s gone, never to be seen again (still appears every second in the Messages tab, though). Why?

I then did something different: I only call send_text when some variable equals “1” (I check every second), in an attempt to delay the call to send_text. This time, the HUD shows nothing (only Messages tab correctly shows).

Is there a way to set the HUD message to what I need when something happens?

Because repetitive messages on the HUD are suppressed, either add a timestamp into the text or vary the content in other ways.

I have tried that, still nothing:

local msgId = 0

function update ()
    gcs:send_text(6, "[" .. msgId .. "] hello")
    msgId = msgId + 1
    return update, 1000
return update()

It should display in every 10 seconds. (There is also a 10 second display time).
I’ll can check it later on my machine.

Didn’t help… found the cause: the HUD limits severty. 3 (error) or 4 (warning). Anything else does not seem to show

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