GCS on Herelink 1.1. Mission Planner or QGC

Hello all,
I am new at Ardupilot and Cube Orange stuff. I have a Herelink 1.1, with the video system, a Cube Orange +.

I am setting the system up. The hand unit has QGC on it. But I am setting up (calibration etc…) the system in Mission Planner. Will I be able to use QGC on my Herelink (controller) while the system is configured in Mission Planner? Or shall I load Mission Planner on the hand unit?

Thank you,

Yes, you can use QGC in Herelink normally, or you can also connect to the mission planner of the computer at the same time.
Here is the tutorial I found on connecting MP for your reference, along with other videos you may need as well. Hope it helps you.

Thank you! I really appreciate it. Like I said, I am new at this.