GCS Failsafe performs differently than documentation

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/gps-an … n_failsafe


[color=#0000FF]If you have been using the ground station to control the copter (i.e. using a joystick) and then lose Ground Control Station contact for at least 5 seconds the following will happen:
Disarm motors – if you are in stabilize or acro mode and your throttle is zero
RTL – if you have a GPS lock and are more than 2 meters from your home position
LAND – if you have no GPS lock or are within 2 meters of home
Continue with the mission – if you are in AUTO mode and have set the GCS Failsafe Options to 2 (Enabled_continue_in_auto_mode).[/color]

What we have seen is that with the gcs failsafe option set to 2 and using a joystick, arducopter many times goes into LAND mode rather than RTL well past 2 meters away from home. The behavior doesn’t seem consistent, though in both cases (RTL and LAND) the logs show the same GCS error. The copter is at least 30 meters away when these situations occur. Anyone else have issues with this failsafe?

Post your log, that would be very helpful.

Your GPS has more than 6 SATS and HDOP <2.0?