GCS failsafe options?

HEllo people,

I would like to know :

  1. what is the time needed where the telemetry should not send data to GCS before an RTL failsafe activates ??
  2. can we control this time somewhere as a parameter ?? For example is there a parameter somwhere where i could say " Trigger a GCS failsafe only if the telemetry connection is lost for more than 15 seconds"

I use arducopter v.3.4.6

thanks in advance

Hi lakis,

The GCS failsafe is activated after 5 seconds without a telemetry heartbeat and this isn’t configurable.


thank you for clairifying this… could it be configurable ??? I find it reasonable … As we have the opportunity to control if the GCS failsafe will be active or not, i think in the same manner that someone could possibly want to extend the 5 seconds period to 15 seconds for example… Especially when telemetry is applied through UDP connections, depending on the 3G,4G signal there might be some delays. It would be a bit inconvenient to see the RTL mode being triggered so often within one minute when the drone gets into a low signal 3g area for a moment…

What do you think ???

Yes, it could and there are plans for it, but not done yet.

Thank you,

I also realised later that GCS failsafe activates only in case someone is using telemetry to control the drone as well …
But very often several people like me prefer to use for control of the drone the classical RC receiver transmitter solution. In that case I noticed that GCS failsafe does not engage when the telemetry connection is lost…

Are there plans to support GCS failsafe activation for this case as well ??? its very useful i think

THank you