GCS Failsafe bug / failure?

setting this to ‘1’ = ‘On’ does the following regardless of the order in which things are started. After 20 seconds of both radios w/ solid green lights on [ stock time for a long event ] it goes into failsafe. This even while APM P is connected fine. With both radio’s and Pixhawk [ or amp 2.x it does it with both ] still on … I toggling back to manual… then remove gcs radio and wait. Now it doesn’t go into failsafe.

So to summarize it goes into failsafe on start up no matter what. Then will not go into gcs failsafe again unless you reboot the controller. So it seems APM P isn’t telling the controller the connection is good??

I tested this several times with the exact same results. I also tested it with a PC and MP [ old version 1.2.53 I think ] and it does not seem to have the same problem. It does not set a failsafe after start up only after gcs radio is off for 20 seconds. Just as it should.

Check that AP2 link to the radio is sending mavlink hearbeat meassages. This is in the advanced part of the serial cconfig dialog. It should be enabled by default.

EMT heartbeat was off for some reason. Thought for sure that was it. But even after turning that on it does the same thing, See pics.

FYI I went back to 2.0.8-5 and the problem went away. I didn’t test any builds between that and the current one.

oh and ‘emit heartbeat’ was not on by default at least on 2.0.8-5.

Thanks for the report, we are fixing that issue now.

2.0.10-76 does the same thing for me. I no longer see the option to check ‘emit heartbeat’.

It’s moved to the APM Planner 2.0 Config View and is on by default.

OK yes I see that now. However it still goes into failsafe even while connected. If it’s working for you then perhaps it’s something with APM Plane 3.0.3 ? Are you testing it with that or APM copter?

Can you post a log?

I’ll look for that Monday. Thx Bill

I installed 2.0.11 and all seems fine. :smiley: