GCS control without RC Transmitter [solved]

Hi, I am attempting to use a companion computer to fly my drone around. I have the props removed and would like to disable any arming checks that depend on there being a transmitter connected.

I travel with my drone+companion computer to my place of work to try to get this all working and I would rather not have to lug around my Taranis as well while I am in the ground testing phase. This is why I want to fiddle without a transmitter present.

I have disabled radio failsafe and have looked at all arming-related params but none seem to be appropriate or those that do are set correctly (ARMING_CHECK bitmask is zero).

(Just in case you are wondering, I am playing with c_uart_example and trying to get the TAKEOFF command working properly.)

Obviously any air testing would involve a transmitter attached so I can take over in case of emergency,

Found the answer here:


Seems like bringing my transmitter to work will actually be less hassle!