Gazebo SITL Yaw


I’m trying to make a model from a custom boat with Ardupilot 4.2.1rc.
However, as you can see in the video here, in QGC the model is always rotating on yaw axis but in QGC everything is still.

Please tell me what other files or logs do you need.

Hi @Redox15 - to understand what’s going on we need the following:

  1. Platform and OS (e.g. Ubuntu 22.04)
  2. Version of Gazebo
  3. Version of ArduPilot
  4. Version of the ArduPilot gazebo plugin
  5. The full commands and outputs in all terminals (run Gazebo with verbose output)
  6. Copy of the model and world SDF

I see you are using an older version of Gazebo. Our development is focussed on Gazebo Garden, and if it’s possible for you to migrate to this version it will be easier to offer support.

Thank you for your answer.
Here it goes.

  1. Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
  2. Gazebo version 11.11.0
  3. 4.2.1-rc1 (link for github)
  4. How to I get that? gazebo-plugins => 2.9.2-1focal.20230620.200252

logGazebo.txt (22.1 KB)
boat.sdf.txt (14.5 KB)
waterWorld.sdf.txt (4.3 KB)

Gazebo Garden is not compatible with ROS1.

Hi @Redox15, I was looking through your model file to try and replicate I notice there’s a reference to repmus_description and a vanguard model which looks like it might be a military application. Our developer code of conduct prohibits weaponised use (ArduPilot Developer Code of Conduct — Dev documentation), so I’m afraid I can’t be of further assistance unless you confirm that this is a civilian application.

I will not lie to you.
Our main goal is to have a unmanned boat to expand our environments (we have the air, we are going for the water).
We have the opportunity to be in REPMUS.
It will be use in a military exercise but will not contain any weapons. It’s mainly for search and rescue and surveillance missions. However, it is only an exercise.

After that, we will still use the boat. So, we have the need to work on simulations.

Thanks for the straight answer @Redox15 - the use is sufficiently ambiguous that it is off limits for my involvement.

I think your colleague may have also posted a request for help on discord here: