Gazebo sitl sim

Is there a tutorial to communicate with a drone in gazebo with ardupilot plugin from ROS apart the tutorial from erle robotics. Erle robotics is not using the standard version of ardupilot plugin and a few of their own stuff so it hard to follow their tutorials to use it with the standard version of the plugin. I want to use Ardusub in sitl so I can’t use erle robotic’s version of the plugin.

Have you looked at the wiki:

Ardusub in sitl using gazebo,very cool idea!

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The website just asks us to follow erle robotics website and the video doesn’t is just running the sim.

What website? The link I have pointed at as zero links to Erle…

The link you gave just shows how to install the right version of gazebo and the video just shows how to run the quadcopter sim. There is a ROS tab in the same website which just shows 2 videos and asks us to follow erle robotics’s tutorials