Gasoline helicopter, check fuel level

Hello everybody
What fuel does your helicopter use?
I use gasoline

It is very difficult to know the amount of fuel in the heli.

How do you check the fuel level of your helicopter?

Approximately? With sense?

Now, I do not overdo it, but I only fly about 10 minutes at a time.

However, if i going to fly for a long time in the future, not knowing the amount of fuel will be very lethal.

Results from Google or from this site
Many people use i2c, etc …
I’m not smart enough to be able to do that …

Is there such a cute sensor that just works out if i just plug it in?

Or how do you check the fuel level of your helicopter in flight?

With a clock. Fuel burns by the clock (cc/min), not by the gauge. Gauges are notoriously inaccurate. So you must put a measured amount of fuel in your tanks, fly it for a time, then measure the fuel used so you know what the fuel burn is. If you know the capacity of your tanks, then you know how long it will fly

Oh … Chris … I saw the answer late.

Sudden increase in RPM or increase in engine power

Does the engine consume more oil than usual?

I think helicopters can not always fly in the same conditions.

The engine is resting in any segment, and the engine works hard in any segment.

Sometimes 5m / s Sometimes 20m / s

For all this series of acts
Does the helicopter’s engine consume the same amount of fuel?

As with full size aircraft, you have to flight test it and determine that. Gauges are not relied on in full-size. Look at the flight manual and you’ll see graphs and charts for fuel burn vs speed, density altitude and percentage power settings. It is up to the pilot to plan the flight based on the tested data of the aircraft. And when he/she files the flight plan with ATC, the fuel onboard is given in hours and minutes, not gallons or liters.

Only in the movies to make it dramatic do they tap on the fuel gauge with the needle pointing at “E” and go “oh no, we’re gonna crash”.

So you take your helicopter out and fly it on various shorter flights, measure the fuel burned, to develop your own fuel burn charts so you can flight plan accordingly for longer flights.

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