Galaxy S3 Bluetooth crash on on connect

I know that the Bluetooth feature is new, but I was wondering if there was an ongoing issue with S3. I used a RN-42 Bluetooth module connected through two RCtimer “air” modules to connect RCtimer arduflyer to my laptop. I then tried this connection to my phone. The module worked fine when pairing. I had no trouble receiving data from the ardulyer on blueterm. I have a fresh install of the latest droid planner 1.2. I set the bluetooth connection in the settings. I hit connect on the main screen in the top right corner. The screen goes black and android displays the crash warning after about 1 second.

If this is a known issue then sorry for the trouble. If it is not and more info is needed then let me know.

We have fixed some issues on the Bluetooth connection, maybe the next release fixes your problem.

But if you are able of giving a logcat debug output that would enable us to debug your problem.

I have a Galaxy S3 and I have no problems connecting with bluetooth and Droidplanner 1.2. This might be a problem with your particularly bluetooth module rather than the phone or Droidplanner 1.2.

You guys should give a try the DPv2 beta, it has an improved support for Bluetooth.