Gain scaling based on throttle position

I’m interested in gain scaling based on throttle position. This will be on a glider, so I don’t actually have a motor. It is possible that I’ll add an airspeed sensor later (if I can get one that works at a high enough speed), but would like to use the throttle stick as the gain scaling input for now. Can anyone point me to where I can set this up? Thanks in advance.

AP already scales the gains based on estimated airspeed.

Thanks for the reply. I won’t have any speed input initially, and the speed range is super broad (the glider I’m testing on will get up to 200mph). I’ll also only be using Manual and Acro modes. This is why I’d like to manually adjust the gains, or at least be able to adjust the scaling. Can you point me to the documentation on the speed estimation? Thanks

Do u have a GPS on-board?

No. Just the flight controller and servos. I believe that the FC has a barometer (revo mini), but I’ve added no additional sensors.

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I believe at least a GPS module is necessary for airspeed estimation

So with no airspeed, or GPS, is there any scaling? If not, is there a way for me to manually set up scaling on the throttle stick? Thanks.

For best results at such speeds certainty GPS and ideally airspeed is recommended. With no GPS the gains are scaled with a guess at the airspeed as calculated from your throttle position and the FBW min max and trim airspeeds.

In general such vehicles are nice and stable, you can fly them manually after all, so as long as you have not dialled the gains right up to the limit it doesn’t make a huge difference if the gain scaling is abit wrong.