G-Bot autonomous golf ball collecting robot

The G-Bot is an autonomous golf-ball collecting robot looking for backers on Indiegogo. A nice looking robot with a real world use case.

It’s great to see the team behind it has taken the extra step of detailing what’s inside which includes Emlid’s NAVIO2 flight controller running ArduPilot.

Hope they get the funding they’re looking for!


Is the G Bot actually recognizing the golf balls out in the field of play? Or is it randomly roaming much like a Roomba vacuum ?

Bert Heath

Maybe we will hear from the people behind it but in any case, it has a camera on the front (the thing below the GPS) so the intention is at least that it recognises the balls instead of roaming randomly.

I actually used to drive a buggy to do this at the golf club.Randomly roaming sums up what we did.A robot would be much more efficient.:slightly_smiling_face: