FYI: Tarot Gimbal software needs Direct3D


This is just a piece of information i’d like to share, because it took me several hours to figure out.

My problem was that the configuration software for the Tarot brushless gimbal (ZYX-BMGC.exe) refused to start on my computer. It simply crashed immediately without any error message. Eventually I noticed on a screenshot in the manual the 3D image of the camera orientation, and apparently the software uses Direct3D to render it. Because I was running the software inside a Virtualbox VM, there was no 3D support. After activating the (experimental) Direct 3D support in the VM configuration the software works.

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I will try that as soon as I get home. I tried VirtualBox with Win 7, WinXP SP3, and WinXP with no SPs, and the app just crashed every time. I bet this was my problem, and I could not figure it out.

From Windows Start menu type “dxdiag”