FWBA - Throwing Max Throws With Little / None Stick Movement: Difference With Manual / RMILEC


I currently have a fix wing set-up as the following:

ArduPlane 4.06
Pixhawk 2.1 / Blue Cube
RMILEC Receiver

Everything works on this plane. In manual, the surfaces move in relative conjunction with stick inputs. FWBA mode is correcting the the right directions; however, if I move my aileron stick a thousandth of a millimeter, the ailerons (or whatever surface I’m using) will throw max deflection. On my other aircraft, FWBA is working normally (seeing relative surface movements in conjunction with everything else). I’m seeing no other errors in the messages section or in the PFD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Any luck with this, I’m curious if you found the problem?