FW Upgrade problem to Pixhawk


I have included links to 2 videos that show that demonstrate some unsusal behaviour

  1. Start LED and Tones on a Pixhawk loaded with Rover FW 3.2.2
  2. End of FW upgrade tones when uploading FW 3.2.2

The tone “de dar dar” is not noted on the general list of Pixhawk tones.

I am using a genuine 3dr pixhawk 1. The normal tone was being generated by this pixhawk before the upgrade. I have another Pixhawk 1 on FW 3.2.2 and it play the normal tones on start up
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These are pictures. I will upload videos in the next few minutes

If you have a safety switch can you connect it and hold it down as the board boots up? This will force the I/O firmware to load. The other thing to check is that the SD card is inserted correctly.

Here are the video links

I tried the safety switch.It did make a different series of sounds. However when I rebooted without pressing the switch it reverted to dee dar dar
I will try the SD Card now

Many thanks

It was the SD card.
Many thanks

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Great! glad it got sorted.