FW Bug F765-Wing

Hi all,

I have been struggling the past few days getting the channel mapping in QGroundControl correct.

This is NOT a newbie question, but I think it rather points to a bug in the board-specific firmware.

My set-up:
Mateksys F765-Wing, flashed lastest stable ArduPilot v4.06 for Matek F765-Wing with

Taranis X9D-Plus (ACCST, pre 2019, not ACCESS), set up as with my quads.
Mixing: Outputs:
I have verified, that each mix and output correspond to the correct stick movement.
-> Conclusion, the issue is NOT in the radio.

I have tried MissionPlanner, QGroundControl and APM Planner 2.0.
In all of them the stick movements are proeprly reflected in the radio calibration screen.
All parameters are set correctly as it would be expected.

S1 -> Motor
S2 ->
S3 -> Left Elevon
S4 -> Right Elevon

RCMAP_PITCH = 2 (Pitch Channel)
RCMAP_ROLL = 1 (Roll Channel)
RCMAP_THROTTLE = 3 (Throttle Channel)
RCMAP_YAW = 4 (Yaw Channel)

Servo settings:
Servo1_Function: Throttle
Servo2_Function: Disabled
Servo3_Function: ElevonLeft
Servo4_Function: ElevonRight

The problem is, that the elevons don’t respond as expected and what seems to be rotatet by 90 degrees. SO to speak, if I would take my radio apart and rotate the right gimbal by -90 (standing it on the left side, right side up), then the channel mapping would be correct.

I’m desperate for a solution, I can’t think of anything else. If it was betaflight I would do resource_remapping and be done with it.
But I can’t do it here, because if I have to use Roll to ascent/descent, then the flight controller in AUTO will crash immediately.



Take a read here and spend some attention to the servo directions.

Just one more prerequisite :
I assume your board orientation is right. You can check this in the HUD of MissionPlanner.

Hi VRquaeler,
seems like I’m going in circles when following the instruction. It is a good read and thorough guide. However, once I have pitch correct, I need to tackle Roll behavior in FBWA, and that’s where it get’s messed up again. The instructions don’t mention anything about plugging the servos in the other port, is that another available option?

Also I’m not using default channels.
Servo1 = Throttle
Servo2 = Disabled
Servo3 = ElevatorLeft
Servo4 = ElevatorRight

So I get to a point where the Pitch behavior is good, after swapping assignments (not physical wiring), then it gets screwed up again.

Any other ideas?