FVP, gimbals, & head tracking

Finishing up a Hex build and pondering adding in a FPV gimbal, & head tracking.
(Have 2 controllers a PixHawk and a AMP 2.6 and a Futaba T10J)

Here’s what I’d like:
Use a 3 position switch to
Pos 1 Use the head tracking to point the cam via gimbals.
Pos 2 Lock gimbals at current aiming (no dampening)
Pos 3 Lock on 3D coordinates (ie: keep pointed at target as the vehicle moves about)

Is this possible?

Also any suggestions on FPVs and gimbals?
I like Epson Moverio since it doesn’t ‘black you out’ But wonder about its usefulness in bright sunlight.
The FatSharks look good, but have the black out issue. (if they made a good flip up system for it I’d be all in)

I can’t comment on the switching but personally I prefer using a separate fixed camera for fpv so I know what the attitude of the frame is without relying on an osd. Plus mobius, gopro etc don’t offer the same image quality as something like the pz0420.
Easy enough to make a small pan tilt system out of two servos for head tracking as well.

I use fatshark dominators if I have a spotter with me, if not I just use a 7 (might be 8") screen on a tripod. Usually set up the monitor anyway as it has a dvr and anyone there gets to see whats going on From the quad/plane.