Futaba S-BUS & PixHawk

Bit of an odd one, I have a Futaba S-BUS receiver (R6208SB) where I am using the SBUS option.

When I connect the other end to the “SB” port of the PixHawk, nothing, no power even to the receiver.

However if I connect it to the “RC” port which I am led to believe is for PPM input, all is fine?

Any ideas why the S-BUS port is not accepting S-BUS signal from the receiver ?

Many thanks,


Hi Steve,

The port labeled as SB is SBUS output, the receiver must be connected to RC port which is for PPM and SBUS receiver (input).

The manual shows the wrong information, please connect your receiver to the RC port.

Ahh, the manual is very misleading then, thank you for clarification.

May be worth correcting the online manual too - 3drobotics.com/wp-content/upload … rev3_3.pdf

Is the SBUS Output a pass-through then ?

The documentation team will correct the online manual.

At this moment I don’t have information on how the SBUS output will work, but what I know it is not working in 3.1, seems that will be implemented in 3.2

Many thanks for your reply.

Am I right in thinking that SBUS also has automatic FAILSAFE built in, so no need to set that up manually as with PPM.

Also, I notice the “travel” of the signals to be lower than that of APM.

ie, on APM when my Futaba throttle stick for example was at 0, the PPM reading was approximately 1100min and 1920max

However with Pixhawk, it is 1174min and 1846max in travel. Does this matter and should I re-adjust the radio End-Points to be similar to what was on APM. Obviously the radio calibration is still complete.

Many thanks.

I’m using the FrSKY SBUS to PPM converter - works great - much fewer cables.

diydrones.com/profiles/blog/show … e=activity