Futaba R7008sb and 3.4xxx not working

I hope this is the correct place to post this, but as soon as I updated from 3.3.3 on my X8 Octo to 3.4 I lost connections with my Futaba R7008sb receiver connected via Sbus. I tried searching around seeing others having problems, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking a solution. I went back to 3.3.3 and it works fine. I have a link of course between the radio and receiver, but nothing showing up in the Radio Calibration screen…if I go wild on the sticks I get blips…but that’s it.

I appreciate any thoughts/suggestions


Well…I guess I’m the only one having this problem? I went through and repeated everything again today. Everything holds true to my previous statements…If anyone has any ideas to try out please let me know…other than replacing my Tx/Rx I’m at a loss!

Okay…I figured it out. With my R7008sb I’m running it with the Futaba T14sg. My receiver is connected to the Pixhawk using the S.Bus2 port. Up until the 3.4xx release it’s worked fine. I had the connection method as “FASSTest-12ch”, which doesn’t work. I changed it to “FASSTest-14Ch Single” and it started working properly. I never had this selected previously because Futaba had warned with this method the response times are slightly slower (not sure how much)…I’ll take it out tomorrow (weather permitting) and see if I can tell any difference. Since this rig is a big slow moving X8 I highly doubt I’ll have any problems…

Hope this helps someone else out in the future!

I use “FASSTest-12ch” and SBUS/8 (NOT SBUS2) port without problems.