Funky calibration problem - ESC calibrating with steering, not throttle

I have built a catamaran using differentiated thrust to steer (first ever RC build). Everything was going OK, I had the boat sailing ok in manual mode, however the steering direction would flip when more than 25% throttle was applied (that’s an issue for another day). When trying to fix that issue I created a new problem. I’ve spent about 15 hours now unsuccessfully attempting solve this one so its time to seek some guidance.

Explanation of the problem:

• Port side (left) ESC/Motor connected to Chanel Output 1 only calibrates with Right Stick (Aileron) on transmitter.
• It only calibrates (emits 2 short tones and one long tone) when pushed to the PWM limit 984.
• It is unresponsive to Throttle
• I have tried manual, automatic and semi-auto resets about 50 times each.
• Transmitter is Taranis PLUS 9XD.
• Right stick is mapped to Roll on Mission Planner (not reversed).
• It’s not the motor nor ESC as I have tested them with spare parts and the same issue arises, so I know its somewhere in the flight controller settings.
• I haven’t changed any settings on my transmitter.
• SERVO1_Function value is 73
• SERVO3_Function value is 74
• Output Chanel 1 is the left motor (problem)
• Output Chanel 3 is the right motor (working)
• It doesn’t make a difference if the esc is connected through MAIN OUT 1 or 3
• No problems on the other side as Starboard ESC/Motor is calibrating to throttle as expected.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Params_27.10.19.param (13.3 KB)