Funding for Copter Tailistter RF model development physics verification [APPROVED]

We (Brandon) is creating a RF model for Copter Tailsitter based on this:
I would like to purchase one to do real life physics comparisons to make the model being created very accurate for this frame.

Amount: $US 649 + $US 200 shipping= $US849


sounds great! I think this is a good idea

@auturgy @khancyr @oxinarf response?

G’day Henry,
we’re supportive, but I’ve asked Foxtech to sponsor so am waiting for a reply.

Approved by funding committee. No reply from Foxtech.

Thanks, so what is the procedure from here? I order, and send a copy of the payment receipt to whom? are the funds transferred to my paypal, or some other way? will be paying for it from my paypal account…