Funding for ArnavD's GSoC hardware (Part 2) [APPROVED]

Topic:Funding for ArnavD’s GSoC hardware (Part 2)

Proposal type: Hardware [x]

Arnav requested a few more items for his GSoC project. I have actually already reimbursed him for these.

logitech camera, 7999 INR, $199.99
Wifi router, 1349 INR, $20.24
PiCam v2, 2149 INR, $32.24
WiFi adapter, 699 INR, $10.49

Subtotal: 15196 INR, $227.94
+8% transaction fee = 16412 INR, $238.46

Note from Arnav:
The sums of costs for these prices is INR 12,200 (USD 180). I would like to request an extra INR 3000 (USD 45) for covering the transaction fees for this transaction and the previous one as PayPal charges a surcharge of 8% on each transaction and this amount will offset that.

Planned amount $$ (USD): $238.46

Estimated time for completion: immediate

I have receipts from Arnav for these. Happy to share them although I won’t do that publicly as it has his address on there.

Sounds ok to me.
I’ve pinged @khancyr and @OlivierB

Approved and sent through to SPI.

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