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Funding for ArnavD's GSoC hardware [Approved]

(rmackay9) #1

Topic:Funding for ArnavD’s GSoC hardware (live video project)

Proposal type: Hardware [x]


rpi3: 3499, $52.49
flysky: 7773, $116.60
pixhawk: 4500, $67.50
Ublox M8N GPS: 1900, $28.50
vibration mount: 400,$6.00
power module: 650, $9.75
gps mast: 480, $7.20
telel kit: 1800, $27.00
shipping: 90, $1.35
3S battery, 1831, $27.47

Total: 22923 INR, $343.95 USD

Planned amount $$ (USD): $335 USD

Arnarv has actually already purchased this and has receipts which I’ve seen and validated against the numbers above.

Optionally I’d like to get him a NVidia TX2 which I believe is an additional $300.


(Olivier Brousse) #2

Approved. For the TX2 the funding committee will consider it separately if/when it’s needed.

(rmackay9) #3

great, thanks funding committee!

(rmackay9) #4

I haven’t actually gotten reimbursed for this yet I think… is there something else I need to do?

(cala2) #5

What is this proyect about?

(Olivier Brousse) #6

Randy we’ve been waiting for receipts, see pm.

(Olivier Brousse) #7

Cala, this is hardware for Arnav GSOC project. You can also see his subsequent posts

(rmackay9) #8

I’ve sent in the receipts now. So next I need to send a request to SPI to send me the cash or you guys do that?

(rmackay9) #9

I’ve sent a reimbursement request to JamesP who is our SPI liason now covering this request and the new one all together. Hope that’s OK.