function follow me

I have a gps transmitter. can I set the “follow me” function in such a way that the quadcopter will receive coordinates from this gps transmitter and follow it

In Tower, the app uses your phone/tablet’s GPS. It will transmit the phone/tablet’s location as part of a position command as you move around. This is NOT related at all to the new follow modes in Copter 3.6. I do not know what you mean by “gps transmitter”.

You can use an external GPS unit connected to your android tablet. There are apps that will feed the external GPS coordinates into the Android devices location.

see as an example

under the gps transmitter I mean an external gps module (not the device on which the tower is installed)

tell me how to transfer these external coordinates to the tower?
Thank you


I think it would be helpfull if you would post a better description of what your GPS transmitter exactly is. what brand/model. Maybe you can post a link to the manufacturer site?


The only way Tower will use follow me if if your phone/tablet has a GPS. Either a built in GPS, or a GPS connected to it and usable via Bluetooth. Unless you post the specific devices you’re using, there is not much more than be said.

@Pedals2Paddles Exactly, you can use the app I provided to supply coordinates to Tower vis an externally connected Bluetooth GPS. It uses the mock location provider feature.