Full-Time: Flight Testing Engineer Opportunity

Carbonix is an Australian manufacturer and operator of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems. Our fleet of powered lift systems boasts long endurance, versatile deployment, and capabilities, as well as automatic mission execution. We employ a team of widely skilled engineers and industry experts to help devise effective solutions to the most complex problems.


We are seeking a full-time Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineer to develop hybrid VTOL-fixed wing unmanned aerial systems (25+kg). The position is part of a multidisciplinary and agile engineering team with extensive experience and knowledge of aerospace and broader engineering. Whilst the position requires a breadth of aerospace/aeronautical engineering knowledge, the main component of the role is as a flight test engineer, primarily assisting with the tuning of the flight control system and validation of the flight platform.

Our main office is situated in Artarmon, Sydney. However, as the flight testing engineer, the candidate should be willing to work at an offsite flight testing location with the flight team.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist with tune stability and navigation control loops for optimal flight performance.
  • Work with the other streams of the business to develop, execute, and analyse the results of flight tests.
  • Draft flight test campaign overview and summary documents
  • Perform simple aerodynamic, aircraft performance and structural calculations to assist in the development of other subsystems (avionics, propulsion, structures etc).
  • Develop low to high fidelity models of flight systems to assist in the design, optimisation and productization stages of aircraft development.

Required Qualifications and Knowledge

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering is essential
  • Deep understanding of fixed wing and rotary wing flight mechanics
  • Understanding of classical and optimal control system algorithms
  • Experience with numerical programming languages (python, MATLAB or Octave)
  • Understanding of ArduPilot for multi-rotor and fixed wing system

Desirable Skills

  • Experience with aerospace design tools (OpenVSP, AVL, Xfoil, XLFR5 etc)
  • Passionate about new tech and UAV systems
  • An ability to communicate clearly with your team
  • Organisational & time-management skills
  • Understanding of system identification methods

Bonus Skills

  • Understanding of advanced control loop (either work experience or thesis based)
  • RePL/RPL/PPL holder
  • Experience in building or flying multirotor / fixed wing remotely controlled aircraft

PM me with your details and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.
Successful and short-listed candidates will be contacted to attend a face-to-face interview at our Artarmon facility.