Full parameters list on Mission Planner - Battery_capacity?

Hi all,
I’m a newby from Italy. I hope not to be O.T. with my post…
I have a 5200 mAh lipo battery in my multicopter, do I have to write this value in the field Batt_Capacity in MP full parameter list?

This question because the default value is 3300.

Thanks all

Shortly the question is: in Batt_Capacity do I have to write the real battery capacity in volt?

You put in the capacity in mAH (not Volts!) of whatever battery you plan to use. If you are planning on putting a 5,200 mAH battery in, use that value. But unless you are setting a Battery Failsafe you really don’t need to put in any value.

Thanks a lot, so I’m gonna write 5000 in Batt_capacity and 500 in FS_batt_mah…

Let’s try this configuration.