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Full parameter list not loading with chibios firmware

(javpfpv) #1

Hi, I am new to ardupilot, coming from iNav so I am having some problems. I am trying to connect with my FC via mavlink telemetry througt crossfire connection, and via bluetooth from tx to my tablet.

I am using the latest build from 19th december, and my ardupilot version is this one

ChibiOS: 57801550
ArduPlane V3.10.0-dev (57d3a4fb)

I am getting this error when loading parameter list and cannot see the summary tab.


(anon67614380) #2

Hello, i had same problems when tried to use crossfire with QGC. Try MP just to test that your configuration works.

(Aaron Aude) #3

I’m having the same problem. Using QGC 3.4.4, ArduPlane 3.9.4 and Mavlink. QGC seems to connect directly to the Pixracer, but when I use the 3dr radio I get the same message as posted.

This works marvelously in MP.

(DonLakeFlyer) #4

Can you try a new Daily Build and see if it happens there as well?