Full parameter list not loading with chibios firmware

Hi, I am new to ardupilot, coming from iNav so I am having some problems. I am trying to connect with my FC via mavlink telemetry througt crossfire connection, and via bluetooth from tx to my tablet.

I am using the latest build from 19th december, and my ardupilot version is this one

ChibiOS: 57801550
ArduPlane V3.10.0-dev (57d3a4fb)

I am getting this error when loading parameter list and cannot see the summary tab.


Hello, i had same problems when tried to use crossfire with QGC. Try MP just to test that your configuration works.

I’m having the same problem. Using QGC 3.4.4, ArduPlane 3.9.4 and Mavlink. QGC seems to connect directly to the Pixracer, but when I use the 3dr radio I get the same message as posted.

This works marvelously in MP.

Can you try a new Daily Build and see if it happens there as well?

Same problem with my drone when I use QGroundControl on Android (dailly build or release).
Control HW: pixracer
FW: ArduCopter 3.6.4
Link: SiK 915MHz radio

Mission Planner on a windows PC has no issue withe the parameter list. Tower on Android was OK too but it’s not maintained anymore…

I’ve been having the same issue sometimes with QGC, Arducopter latest stable, Pixhawk 4 and a PW-link ESP8266 radio link. I suspect that it’s happening due to a weak signal, as I’ve only been testing with my laptop so far, so using nothing other than its internal PCB antenna. I find that if I restart the vehicle, reboot QGC, and hold it in a place with clear LoS it works fine.


Hello. I hope this is the right place to post my info.
I am having difficulties getting the Full Parameter list with EspMavLink. (MAVLink WiFi Bridge v1.2.2)

I’m using Wemod D1 mini pro (so far only with ceramic antenna).
The issue occurs on both my phone Galaxy S5 Neo (sm-g903f running android 6.0.1) and Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (st-m230 running android 4.4.2).
Both running QGroundControl Version v3.4.4.
Also, despite the AirFrame being set to and read correctly as Quad-X, it does not allow me to open other menu items starting with Radio and down to, but not inclusive, Parameter.
In the Parameters tab every settings seems to filled in and read properly. (those that were essential to me that I checked)
I am also getting some weird characters in Messages window.
Notice the strange “?” inside a rhombus at the end of some lines.

MissionPlanner 1.3.62 does not experience such issues.
QGroundControl.AppImage on Ubuntu 16.04 does experience the same issues as the Android App.

Despite the fact that the settings being off limits in the application, I am able to utilize the Virtual Joysticks, Arm the copter with Virtual Joysticks, and receive warnings from the copter.

Please find screenshots attached. I believe the ArduPilot versions are visible as well.
AdruCopter v3.7.0-dev

As I am using custom made DIY electronics this might be an isolated instance related to my particular setup. If this is more wider issue I hope I did provide some valuable feedback.

First thing is to use the Android Daily build instead. It is available from the store as well. Stable 3.4 is getting kind of old, with lots of fixes in Daily. New Stable will be going out in couple weeks.

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Thank you for your reply.
I did not know there was a possibility to get daily builds for Android. I was able to find it in the Play store by searching after you suggested I do get one.
The wiki sections says nothing about Android Daily Builds.

After installing the daily build I am no longer getting parameter issues.
I was able to Arm and Disarm the copter, change modes, and virtual joysticks work.
Level calibration and Barometer calibration completed successfully from within the QGC.
I have installed it on my Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (st-m230 running android 4.4.2) mentioned before.
The wiki mentioned android 5.1 and above. Is it related to specific features?
Still getting random <?> rhombuses at the end of some info messages like previously.
Presumably that is the raw string output coming from the flight controller, is that correct?

Below please find attached the screenshot of QGC version used.

Bottom of download page: https://docs.qgroundcontrol.com/en/getting_started/download_and_install.html#android has links to old stable builds as well as reference to Daily Builds.


Also Stable 3.5 was just marked (although not officially announced yet). Should be in store by tomorrow. So after that you can switch back to Stable if you want.

Thank you once again for the help and support.
Amazing software.
I should read the documentation a little bit better next time.

You might want to report the wierd text to ArduPilot. It kind of looks like missing null terminators which would be bad.