Full Parameter List Fav Column not resizing correctly

This just started happening out of the blue. I can’t resize the Fav column. When I drag the header handle to resize, it just snaps back to what you see below. The other columns resize just fine but because Fav won’t resize, Desc is smashed into a thin column which causes the height of the row to fit the Desc text.

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Unsure, but I’ve updated to latest Beta and I cant even change the Fav column size, it’s stuck at a size that just fits the Fav checkbox - which is a good thing.
I can change the size of the other columns.

Quick fix : Delete Documents/Mission Planner/config.xml
Root cause fix : Change number to 5 in the line
<rawparam_Fav_widthpercent>number</rawparam_Fav_widthpercent> in the config.xml

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Thank you Andras! That worked perfectly!