Full house glider mixing

I have a full house glider; crow, ail > rudder, ail > flaps, 3 camber settings on flaps and ailerons, etc.
Currently, all of this mixing is done with my TX. When I install the Pixhawk 4 with Arduplane will the mixing need do be done with the auto pilot?

If so, if I were to switch the mode to manual which I understand as radio pass-through. I would not have any mixing, correct? or does the mixing still continue or am I completely wrong about everything?


It actually depends on what you want to achieve. In manual flight you would have to keep mixings on your TX, yes, but for autonomous modes you’ll have to disable them on TX and let AP do its thing. Ideally, if you have windspeed sensor AP would know what to do and when, assuming you have set up correct flaps/flaperons/crow/etc. I don’t think ail->rud mixer will be needed though on the AP itself.

I intend on using autonomous 100% of the time, but I was curious about how or if manual could be used with my plane. Originally, I planed on using manual to start out and step into autonomous, but it looks like I will need to depend on the flight controller unless I can figure out how to reprogram my radio.

I have an Aurora 9x and I’m using all but 1 flight condition. I do have separate switches to control the flight modes on the pixhawk, but maybe I can use the last TX flight mode to turn off all of the mixing and go to manual on the flight controller.

Thanks for your reply as it has answered my question.


but maybe I can use the last TX flight mode to turn off all of the mixing and go to manual on the flight controller.


That should have been turn off all of the TX mixing on anything but Pixhawk manual

Manual mode is not just a direct passthrough - control mixing will still be done, so you can have flaps, flaperons etc, with no mixing in the TX.

There is a fairly new CROW feature available too, that I haven’t tested but may be of interest.

And II thought I had it straight. So, in Manual mode mixing continues or is it limited in scope? This was more or less my main question from the beginning.
I guess I will need to just complete the install of the Pixhawk and start testing.

I do appreciate everyone’s input, as from my eyes the mixing docs seem to be a little vague or I’m just reading too much into it.


Yes mixing does continue in Manual mode, it’s just stabilization that is disabled.

Thank you very much Samuel, this is a great description of how Manual works. what confused me was what I read in Arduplane that manual was pass-through. To me that comes across as no mixing. Now I know.