Full auto flights end to end

Hey everyone!

I have a question about this:

The landing detection logic in QLOITER mode is not as sophisticated as the landing detection logic in Copter, so if you get GPS movement while on the ground in QLOITER mode then the aircraft may try to tip over as it tries to hold position while in contact with the ground. It is suggested that you switch to QHOVER or QSTABILIZE once landed as these are unaffected by GPS movement.

Does this mean I can’t let my VTOL fly home autonomously and Land in RTL? Since it is practically like using QLoiter?


It is perfectly possible to do RTL and land autonomously (I assume you want a QRTL landing here); the vehicle will auto disarm once it is on the ground, so even if there’s GPS movement the motors won’t run.

If you want to be extra safe, then you can always follow the documentation instructions, and switch to QHOVER/QSTABLIZE the moment the aircraft touches the ground (:slight_smile: