Fuel powered?

I know that APM works great with electric helis, but does it work with fuel powered ones ?

Didnt see much reference about this, and that is the direction I am headed.

I haven’t seen it working on a fuel powered heli yet. But I’m building one now. It’s a Helix Heli Trex700 conversion kit, but I’m building it as an 800 with a Zenoah G29RC.

I too am building one, and going to load APM on it, in about 5-6 weeks when it is ready. Can we keep each other in the loop on how it goes.

I have flown a Raptor50 Nitro in Stab mode with success, I have a video of it but never got around to posting it. This flight was about a year ago, and my progress has been curtailed temporarly due to an addition to the family. However I’ll be testing again in the coming weeks. I’ll certianly enjoy having some company in the fuel powered arena!