Fuel Level Sensor Integration in PixHawk

Hi all,

I have a fuel sensor (documentation below) that has a PWM output between 1100 us (when the tank is empty) to 1900 us (when the tank is full). We are creating a UAV prototype using a PixHawk as our flight controller, but I am unsure how to integrate this fuel sensor and send the data to the GCS. Any insight would be appreciated. Ideally, we do not wish to alter the code extensively, but are open to any options (I2C etc). We would be using 2 of these fuel sensors as we have 2 separate hybrids we are using for our drone.

Is there anyone in the community that has experience with using fuel level sensors that can be of assistance?


Randy recently used the RSSI input to transport this information to the
GCS. That’s about the best we’ve got ATM.

Hello Michael Wang

My troubles with you are the same.

I’d like to put a fuel level sensor on pixhawk.

And I want to monitor it with a mission planner.

I do not expect to actually monitor it.

Pull the helicopter down if the fuel is in danger.

I am satisfied Pixhawk giving me a little signal that low fuel level.

Did you solve this problem?


We are facing the same problem did anybody manage to solve this.

We switched to a raspberry pi pixhawk combo, so we used the pi for fuel level data processing instead.

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How did you integrate the fuel level sensor with the rpi? Could you possibly share the setup and code?


Following as we have the same sensor and same issue.