FUEL FLOW sensor inttegration

Hi Everyone!

Am currently working on FUEL FLOW sensor integration on Align 700 Gasier Heli for fuel monitering.
For this setup am using FrSky Gas suite (Fuel Flow module alone), connected to GPIO port 55 / AUX Pin 6, with BAT_MONITOR = 11 enabled to recognise as a fuel sensor by Pixhawk Cube Black
dispite of all the parameter set as per the actual instructions, given by ( https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-fuel-sensors.html#:~:text=In%20firmware%20versions%204.0%20and,fuel%20level%20sensors%20are%20supported.),
am unable to see th change in amps as any fluid flow through the sensor module.

Senesor with the gas suit module is working perfectly fine.
readings from the sensor is observed if its declered as RPM sensor.
cube is running on latest frimware version

In this regards do anyone have any clue to resolve this isuue?

Thanks in advance

Hello Casey,

We do have a fuel flow sensor working on SMBus that displays as Current withdrawn on the ardupilot. Not sure if you are interested to use that, if so please DM me or send me an email tyelutas@gmail.com