FS TH9X rudder calibration issue

I have been flying my new Iris+ for a few weeks now and probably 20-30 flights to date. One thing I have noticed is that the rudder control calibration is erratic. The first flight as soon as the Iris+ left the ground it started a flat spin. That was the first time I noticed the rudder calibration indicator on the TX was off center to the right. Since then I have noticed that I can calibrate the TX and it the rudder control may or may not stay centered. Today I noticed that the TX rudder calibration will change from the circle to the right to circle centered completely randomly sometimes without me even touching the TX rudder control lever. At this point I am completely afraid to fly since I don’t know what the TX is going to do. I have a call in to 3DR waiting on a call back. Has anyone else seen where a calibration on the TX changes randomly and then changes back? I need to get this resolved before I fly again.

Just got off the phone with 3DR and they are sending a replacemnt TX.