FS during LAND command


I had a big incident last week when I had commanded from Mission Planner my copter to LAND and midway thru I experienced a brief GCS Failsafe when copter had reached the tree line.

This caused copter to RTL. IMHO this is crazy. I want generally speaking the copter to RTL if GCS failsafe happens but not during landing.

When pilot has ordered the copter to LAND from Mission Planner there probably is a very good reason for him to do so. LAND is LAND not RTL or anything else. How do I make sure this will never happen again?

There is a failsafe options bitmask that controls that.

Oh! Great!

drone should RTL if in GCS failsafe but should continue landing if pilot commanded on any failsafe.

What do you put here?

I see… The easiest way is to use Mission Planner…

You need to put 8 in there

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