FS BATT RTL -> full throttle / flight mode change failed / CRASH

I just hovered a little in my livingroom to get some skills as this is my first copter.
Yesterday when FS_BATT engaged I could land the copter normaly.
Today it suddenly throttle up and crashed into the ceiling.

Is someone able to see what went wrong from my log of today?

Where would it fly if it was outside? :persevere:

change failsafe to land if testing, that way it wont try and fly back to its takeoff spot.

Nothing wrong. Please read up on the failsafes in the wiki.

As I wrote I was testing in my livingroom, so there should be no GPS Lock if I am not mistaken.
And the copter was not 2m away from launch. Anyway whithout GPS it couldn’t say if it was.

From Wiki:
“Return-to-Launch (RTL) if the FS_BATT_ENABLE param is set to “2” (“RTL”) OR the vehicle is in AUTO mode, has a GPS lock and are at least 2 meters from your home position”

And it even said “Flight Mode Change failed”
So why it should throttle up?

The log file you uploaded is not the log file for the flight in question.

Yes, you are right.
Sorry, the upload failed. Now its online.