FrySky X10S and X8R not binding

I m experiencing a strange situation after I updated the firmware on my X8R using this new firmware

I am unable to bind the Rx with Tx…

Am I the only one “or” others also ran into this issue as well.

p.s. my Tx is on Release 2.3.7

Good day, did you flash the EU Firmware or NO Eu firmware on your x8r?
Coz if you radio is lbt eu firmware also the x8r must have the same…
before proceed the bind did you set D16 mode?

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I am in the US, so used FCC version.

yes I have tried every thing . All the other FrySky Rx are working except X8R. if you have one, can you try this new firmware.

I am out of options at this point what else to test or check.

i will check some info about it.
As im in Eu the no eu i cannot use a different frequency due the new regulations of the European Easa rules…, if you have another x8r try to downgrade the firmware version and check if work properly

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I can not find any other versions of the firmware anywhere.

there’s another download link
for previous firmware

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It’s not the version of OpenTx that’s important it’s the version of firmware on the internal radio. If it’s a new Express radio chances are it has 2.x.x. If it’s an older X10S then it might not have 2.x.x and you would use the “history firmware” version Shawn linked to.

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The current firmware situation with the FRSky is a mess frankly. Because of all the changes with the protocol and compatibility issues between versions with LBT , non LBT and ACCST 2.0.

Even when people Have everything correct i still see lots of people with issues.

All I can suggest is not upgrading anything or then trying to upgrade all to the same version at the same time.

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It is a mess. I’m keeping all at pre 2.x.x level. That release seemed to me to be more about breaking 3rd party Rx’s than what they claimed as “fixed the channel output error” that nobody experienced.

New buyers of Frsky equipment are OK. Just buy an ACCESS radio and ACCESS Rx’s and no worries.

@MadRC @dkemxr

So my Tx is on 2.3.7 should I downgrade?

What about RX? What firmware releases are stable?

There is no issue with the version of OpenTX. It’s the version of Frsky firmware on the internal radio at issue. So what you flash to the Rx depends on what version is in the radio. Try them both and see what binds:
This one:

Or this one:

X8R V180322

Didn’t you buy a new X10S recently? Unless it was old stock I would think it would be 2.1.1. But if it’s not a newer ACCESS radio (Express) perhaps it would have the older version.

When you buy an X10S it doesn’t come with Open Tx, it comes with Horus. So Installed Open tx.

let me try older firmware and see what happens.

@xfacta @MadRC @dkemxr

The older firmware worked perfectly. Bind worked in 1 second.!!

Now I have one more problem :slight_smile:

I have one these in my sons quad. Bought it from GetFpv, but now I am noticing it might be a clone. I am not seeing this Rx on FrySky web site.

It binds to the radio fine, but inside Bataflight, when you move the sticks I can not see any channel movements. Very strange…

One more question. What is the purpose of the feature called “use Global functions” inside Open tx?

So your Transmitter radio does not have 2.x.x. No problem with that.
It looks like a standard Frsky R-XSR to me. Use the same version of firmware you just got working on the X8R (specific for R-XSR of course)

Global functions are like programming variables that can assigned to various sources.

Is there a good documentation out there on Open Tx I can read. Thanks

Good day…
this is a link where you can find many info

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I am aware of that. More like a manual I am after that.

Found it thanks .

p.s. I take it back. Really not a manual just firmware updates etc.

I think there is a link in the
main site to the University:

For whatever reason I have not found these manuals to be that helpful. I take a stab at what I’m trying to do and then use the Simulator in Companion to see if it works. I usually learn more than one thing along the way!

I will give it a shot and report back.