FrySky radio setting for Flying Wing - SOLVED!

I am wondering if there is some type of documentation out there showing FrkySky radio proper INPUTS and Mixer settings for HORUS or Taranis or any other radio running OpenTx.

My setup for the flying wing is as follows:

PIXHAWK: Pin 1 to Right Aileron Servo. Pin 2 to left Aileron and Pin 3 to Motor ESC.

Inside Mission Planner Servo Outputs are set as follows:

Parameter Settings are as follows:


Radio Inputs are calibrated

HORUS X10S radio Settings are:


Ch 1: 100% AIL
Ch 2: 100% Ele
Ch 3: 100% Thr
Ch 4: 100% Rud


Ch 1: 100% AIL
Ch 2: 100% Ele
Ch 3: 100% Thr
Ch 4: 100% Rud

I just can’t remember exactly what I have to change in Mixes to make this to work.

At this if I move any of the sticks (in FBW Mode), the throttle is making left Aileron to go up and down. None of the other radio sticks do anything to the wing.

What am I doing wrong?


I figured out what the problem was.

  1. Some how my radio (tx) switched to Mode 1 instead of Mode 2. So I fixed that. This is the reason all channels inside the Mission planner were acting weird.
  2. Changed wing wiring from Left Aileron to Pin 1 on Pix hawk, Right Aileron to Pin 2 and throttle 3.
  3. Followed Ardupilot instruction to the teeth as listed here.

  1. Change every parameter values as explained in the wiki above.
  2. Inside mission planner, only change “Pitch” channel to reverse inside “radio calibration” as shown below.

and that’s it. Everything will work perfectly.

As far as Radio Inputs and Mixes setting, what I posted above will work just fine.

I also figured out how to use two switches get 6 flight modes using a combination of two switches. Anyone interested in learning how to do 6 flight modes combo, ping me and I will post the instructions. Here are some screen shots.

Look at RCMAP_* Parameters and configure this to your needs.

Sorry, not following your comment.

My main question is did I set the radio correctly or no?

From the channel assignment in the transmitter it is ok. Nevertheless, look at the RCMAP_* parameters, then you know why your throttle stick moves the left aileron …

I would also swap ElevonRight and -Left in the servo output. The definition is actually always left rudder first, then right rudder. This makes a setup much easier.

Do they look right?

It fits like this. Have you made a change?

There is something else needs to be done in tthe mixer section of the radio but I can’t recall it.

I don’t believe so. these are default settings I think.

Then take a screenshot of your mixer configuration … But no mixer for Wing must be active on the transmitter, this is done by the flight controller.

Yes, AETR is default.

cH 8 is used for flight modes.

I am so confused…lol

So when I move the throttle which is supposed to be CH 3, even inside the radio CH 2 out put is changing. This makes no sense. Same is happening inside mission planner.

Notice the arrow changed its direction in front of CH 2.

Also you can not remove the mixes inside the radio else nothing will work.

But this must have a reason. And that is in the radio configuration. You will have to search …

If you set the cursor to CH1 in the servo output, It have to change the value in the title bar when moving the aileron stick. The same must happen for CH2 - CH4.

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I have given up…

One of the weirdest thing I am experiencing is that inside mission planner, when I move the throttle stick which is CH3 inside the radio, under mission planer its moving Ch2 bar.

This is not making sense.

This is what happens when you take break for a year and forget all the basics……

Well, actually it’s simple …

You have throttle on CH3 in the radio. If in the mixer and in the output or in the channel monitor deflections are displayed when you move the throttle stick everything is ok. Is this also the case?

If then in MP RCMAP_THROTTLE is configured to 3, AP knows where the throttle channel is. Is that so with RCMAP_THROTTLE?

Now in Radio Calibration the throttle bar should move when you move the throttle stick. Is that so?

So that the throttle bar moves in the servo output, the FC must be armed, because otherwise there is no output on the throttle channel for safety reasons.

If something is not working, where exactly is it in the above sequence?

What can also be: if you have a RX where the channel assignment can be changed in the RX, then you should also look there.

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I found the problem. I needed a good night sleep.

When I upgraded my radio to latest OpenTx version, it switched the transmitter to Mode 1 from Mode 2!!!

Crazy isn’t it.

Now let me try again. I will update you. Thanks for your help so far.

The transmitter mode does not change anything on the channels, only determines which function is performed by which stick.

But if it works it is good…

Hmm…well that was the reason Ch2 was acting as a throttle inside Mission planner. Nothing do with parameter settings or channel mappings etc. Simple basic 101 troubleshooting worked.

How my radio got switched to Mode 1 will remain a mystery.

Keep your radio nice and simple. No mixes, regardless of the planes configuration. If you’re coming from an RC plane background then I also recommend turning off your trims witches (or at least setting them up to use them for something other than trim).