FrySky Lipo Battery Voltage Sensor

I am having difficulty getting FrySky Lipo Battery monitor to work with X8R and Pixhawk FC setup along with Yaapu cable.

Below is the wiring diagram.

  1. I set the X8R for Mode 2 which should enable the S-PORT on X8R, i.e (D16) CH1 to CH8.
  2. Inside my Horus X10S, I have D16, CH1 - 8 (Telemetry 1 to 8 - OFF).
  3. The cable polarity is correct and I triple checked it.

Inside X10S when I enable discover new sensors, its not seeing the FrySky Lipo Battery sensor. The Lipo battery sensor does display Lipo battery voltage on the onboard LCD screen.

The LED on Lipo battery voltage sensor is not blinking or turning on at all.

I tried 5 different sensors and exact same issue.

Any ideas what am I doing wrong here?

I can’t have 5 defective Lipo battery sensors at the same time.

If I bypass the the Lipo Sensor and connect Yaapu cable directly to S-Port on X8R, the telemetry works either way so this means sensor is good…right???. One will assume the S-PORT signal is properly going inside the sensor and then comes back out but the question remains why the sensor LED is not blinking and why the sensor is not discovered inside the X10S???

I sent emails to FrSKy, off course they only sell products and provide ZERO support.



@smartdave Dave I remembered you used these before. Any ideas?

I have them working no problem. I will grab a pic in the am on how it is wired

Thanks…I am completely lost…

It appears all my sensors were bad. I bought a new one and it worked fine…dang!

5 bad sensors? That doesn’t instil a lot of confidence in the product.

No kidding. I am sending all back to FrySky for replacement.

It could be that these babies have no reverse polarity protection. Even LCD works, but the S-PORT gets fried if you plug in balance leads incorrectly even once.

maybe I should fry another one and see if that’s the case :slight_smile: lol

Hmm maybe you got it from a bad batch. I am 100% positive I have plugged them in backwards tons of times

received all the replacement and they all work fine!!!