FrSky XJT and DJT series difference


Iam before of buying FrSky XJT or DJT modules for my Turnigy 9x. I would like to ask what is the advantage in telemetry using XJT receivers? Iam using Pixhawk module. Thank You!

I have the 9XR pro with the XJT module and the X8R receiver. Have it set for 16 channels and use just 9 of them so far. Tried to use telemetry but not really supported yet on Pixhawk. Everything is there just not easy to setup and use. Like this configuration though. Love the radio and the receiver is rock solid even with WiFi device turn on.


Why not supported? Accordingly to this manual:

Its possible to make it working, you only need cable described here. Are you tried it?

Are you tried SPC cable or this cabel:

It’s not as simple as just add a cable. You need a cable on the radio as well. You also need software on the radio to interpret the telemetry data. They are showing a Taranis radio which is not the same as Turnigy 9XR.


Yes, but get telemetry data from receiver X8R or D8R is on the radio side is I think is no difference.

In both cases you must modify your 9x receiver. When I get all parts together I put here pictures or maybe video.

But I cannot say anything for 100% sure, Iam only wasted this day for investigating this problem I dont have parts now.

I have this item:
Turnigy 9XR Pro from Hobby King
FrSky XJT Combo Pack from Hobby King
FrSky Telemetry & Head Tracking Cable from Hobby King

By using the cable and the pro model you don’t need to make any hardware changes to the radio to get the telemetry data into the radio. X8R uses S-PORT which is different than D8R units.
You still need to change firmware on the radio to display the telemetry.