Frsky x8r receiver stopped functioning

Hello Everyone,
i’m using X8r receiver on pixhawak cube orange in the rcin s-bus input and also using MLVSS lipo voltage sensor through smart port for getting voltage readings on my X9D pluse transmitter.
using 4s 5200mah battery to power on my pixhawak because my power distribution board supports 12s and my hex power module supports up to 8s only so did it in this manner.
what’s my problem is my receivers are stopped functioning after every take off and land don’t know what’s happening here and at 2nd time my MLVSS also stopped functioning. there are no burns in receiver & MLVSS.
please help me how to over come this problem.
Thank you

check the wiring or alternatively just use a different power source for power your receiver

Ya found the problem, MLVSS power is not stable