Frsky telemetry view requirements

is FlightDeck required or is that just one way to get telemetry on a Frsky TX? the wiki is not the clearest to me on this subject.

To clarify, Talking about sending Ardupilot telemetry to the Frsky TX screen.

I think it’s just one way.This is another way (the way I do it) which is great if you like soldering.

There’s Craft and Theory,Airborne Projects etc as well.Probably several more that I don’t know about at a guess.

No, the FlightDeck is a very nice solution but it’s a commercial closed source solution, so it’s a shame that this is what the wiki/docs make you think. They probably need updating.

There’s a very well supported opensource solution here:

You can make your own, just need to research LUA scripts.

Thanks for the info all! ya I think that section could be better worded just a little bit imho, but could also be the way I am reading it…

Knew about that, was looking for ready made solutions, I am just testing and what not, if I ever do something serious I would setup my own LUA , but for now just want to get the most functionality with the least work and cost :stuck_out_tongue: while I am testing.


if I understand it, all the solutions need a custom cable however, is that correct? and the one sold with flight deck should work with them all?

Depends on your flight controller - pixracer at least has a dedicated frsky port, not sure if the newer pixhawk variants also have it. But the custom cable is very simple to make with some very cheap components, nothing magic about it. Alternatively you can use a teensy as the go between which is what the project I linked to uses. You can use a $10 teensy LC and a few wires, and you get a pretty similar experience to the craft and theory stuff.

If you just want to buy something and get going though, then you can’t go wrong with the craft and theory, it looks like a great product with good support.

Thanks, we try our best to provide a product that works great from the box and very responsive customer support for those that need a little help in setting it up.

You can make your own cable if you wish, but if you don’t want to spend the time and frustration and would rather buy one that you know will work, you can buy one from us. As said above, there are multiple solutions. Some require an external MAVLink to FrSky converter, whereas some others use ArduPilot’s native FrSky telemetry protocols (repurposed FrSky sensor messages or passthrough) and just need an adapter cable, or not, as with the PixRacer. FlightDeck uses native ArduPilot passthrough telemetry, which you can also use for your own LUA scripts. You should note that both the converter and native solutions are not compatible because they use different protocols. We’ve heard people are also very happy with Clooney82’s script (with MAVlink converter). LuaPilot from ilihack (free) uses the native ArduPilot repurposed telemetry and will work with our [cable] ( or your diy built cable (without a teensy). It really depends on what you features you want, how much work you want to put into it and how much you want to spend.

Craft and Theory