FrSky Sensor Support

This has been suggested a couple of times, ie and here BeagleBone Blue released, Linux-enabled autopilot for 80$
But as far as I am aware, no effort has gone into progressing it.
This post is just to facilitate discussion, and get a feel for whether there is any real demand for supporting it.
My initial thoughts are to move past S.Port, and move to F.Port, as it is a standard (non-inverted) signal, at 115200 baud, but that protocol was only released a week ago.

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Are FPort sensors available? I wonder if SPort sensors can be upgraded to F Port by firmware?

I’m still reading up - at the moment it looks like I jumped the gun, as ‘uninverted’ requires a receiver hack to bypass a hardware inverter, and the protocol uses the same bus as S.Port (I initially thought it was using the S.Bus out on the rx, so you could still use the rx as a sensor hub).
The actual sensor messages are the same as S.Port though, just twice the baudrate.

Yes, I was initially excited to try the FRSky cell voltage sensors until I realized that Ardupilot does not read the data, it is simply passed through to the display on a Taranis transmitter. Consider this a +1 for demand for reading S.Port telemetry to Ardupilot/GCS.

Hopefully something happens with this topic, as I have 3 frsky sensors (airspeed, voltage, rpm/temp) on s.port I can only see on taranis, and would love to see on mission planner or some other ground station app.
Can’t connect them to pixhawk, and can’t connect taranis to mission planner.
The X7S taranis has integrated bluetooth, and option to use it as “trainer” or “telemetry”, but unfortunately my limited hacking skills permit further investigation in connecting it to mission planner on win10.

Why does FrSky not sponsor the development here?

I’ve just asked them. Will see how it goes.

Sounds good. It seems that it would have a big upside for them TBH.