FrSKY S-Port to MAV-Link

Is anybody try to convert FrSKY S-Port Telemetry to MAV-Link Telemetry?

I have small race quad and try to reduce weight of the quad, i want to transmit telemetry from my quad using S-Port Telemetry, by using ESP8266 and spare serial port on my Taranis to send this telemetry to GSC using WI-FI and UDP protocol.

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Try Scott’s Teensy rig.I run several.


I make short view of information given in the link, but this is MAV-Link to S-Port. I need exact opposite connection.

I never try to put signals from S-Port to see on the mavlink side, but looking schematic i think this is not possible. because S-Port is connected to arduino TX pin.

Ah.Sorry daskalov I misunderstood.

I use craftandteory convertor to send telemetry to my taranis but for antenna tracker i use 3dr radio, and i want to eliminate 3dr radio to save some weight. i have already telemetry on the ground in my taranis, using s-port mirror i think is possible to convert to MAV-Link protocol and sent those signals to antenna tracker. in this case i will lose barometer correction but this is not problem.