FrSky R9MM not responding when connected to FC (Omnibus F4v6)

Good day everyone, I hope you’ve all been well flying yalls crazy machines. Now to my issue, I’ve recently purchased this FC/receiver combo (Omnibus F4v6 w R9mm-fc) and due to the transmitter I possess, I have been required to buy a FrSky R9m lite pro (should’ve been a normal R9m but that’s another story) to communicate with it. This process included flashing my transmitter with OpenTX and flashing both my R9mm and R9m lite pro with ExpressLRS with an ST-Link.

The good things:

OpenTX is running well and upon flashing the R9m module, my TX immediately recognized it. As for the receiver, after flashing both the ELRS bootloader and the firmware, my R9m immediately connected to the R9mm whilst being powered by the ST-Link v2.

It should be noted, I am following this YouTube series for installation steps.

And I am following this guide primarily for pinout references.

Now to my issues:

Upon connecting to mission planner, the GPS connects but my receiver is not lighting up or giving me any indication it’s working. It should also be noted that I accidentally had the ribbon cable inserted in the wrong port (Ext. Gyro Socket on the pinout). While plugged into this, the receiver turned on and bound to my R9m, but I wasn’t seeing any input within mission planner which is understandable in hindsight.

After inserting into the correct port (SPI3+TX2(5V Power)), my receiver no longer illuminates or binds to my R9m and I am honestly lost as to what steps I need to take next.

I’m hoping someone has done something similar or there are settings that simply need to be altered to affix this problem. I feel as though I’m so close to putting the final pieces together despite how sketchy this project has been.

Thank you so much for your time and any help given.

-Zach S