FrSky R-XSR telemetry and Omnibus F4 Pro V3 only GPS

Hi, I connected a FrSky R-XSR receiver to a Omnibus F4 Pro V3 flight controller using SBUS protocol for control and SmartPort for the telemetry.

For the telemetry I connected uninverted SmartPort signal from R-XSR to Serial1 TX on the flight controller and I set these parameters on Ardupilot:

SERIAL1_OPTIONS = 4 (Half Duplex)

The telemetry works, but when I discover new sensors on the transmitter I find only the GPS.
I can see the GPS coordinates, but nothing else.
To check that it is not a hardware problem I flashed betaflight on the flight controller and with this firmware I can see many others sensors on telemetry, like speed, altitude, accelerations…

What I have to do to see more data on Ardupilot telemetry?

Do you have the Yaapu telemetry widget running?

No, I haven’t this widget

I think you need it to see all the rest of the telemetry coming from ArduPlane, since it’s in MavLink format OpenTX itself doesn’t know how to handle it.

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my fc also has this behavior, install yaapu telemetry script on the radio

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With Yaapu telemetry widget I can see all the telemetry