FrSky passthrough telemetry open source script

Just to let people know, that a new LUA script has been developed to decode the FrSky passthrough telemetry data on OpenTX 2.2x radios.

The user gracefully shared his code at


Wiki update would be awesome, to make this findable for users.

You can update the wiki yourself! It’s a great way to contribute back to the project. The wiki sources are available at, and there is simple click-to-edit functionality available there if you’re not familiar with git. This will submit a change request to the maintainers for approval (so you don’t need to worry about accidentally messing something up because you’re new at this).

Thanks a lot to Luis Vale for the publicity! If I can help with the wiki, tell me (the script is mine). Please note that I have just updated the script with new code that solves the delay problem of the original one.

I have also renamed the repo to: (the old link also works).

I have requested an update to the wiki: