FrSky did it again..Oops - On Board individual Lipo Cell battery Monitor

I have been bitching about why all today’s voltage sensors only monitor total current draw and over all cell voltage, but no per cell Lipo battery monitoring capabilities?

Found this baby and about to play with it. I am very optimistic that it will give the accurate information desperately needed during long autonomous flights.

Not sure what info is transmitted down to the ground but lets see what I find. Anyone else played with it yet?

I have about a dozen of these. They work great, in addition it will piggy back with the yaapu telemtry data too

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I think what would be ideal if it can support MAVlink and Ardupilot displays this info via OSD. Some kind of data pass through system.

Twice one of the cells in my Lipo failed (or dropped below safe value) and the drone started to crumbled down to the planet earth. Not to mention can’t recharge those Lipos anymore and waste of money, Although I successfully converted them and baptized them from 4S to 3S batteries :slight_smile:

I think this is a must have feature going forward.

Any update on this? Individual cell monitoring would be a fantastic feature and I’m honestly surprised that there isn’t already a solution.

Yeah FRSky telemetry in general and this sensor in particular have been on the radar for a while. There’s several PRs that are being worked on for it. There’s no telling when it might be ready, though.

Us the product I have shown in original post. Works like a charm.